6 Reasons WordPress is the Best Website Builder

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Nowadays, there are numerous website builders to choose from, and WordPress isn’t always the first one that comes to mind. However, with many features and free and premium themes and plugins available to WordPress users, it’s one of the best options out there. If you’re wondering why WordPress is such a great website builder or if you want to learn how to build your website with it, keep reading for these six reasons why WordPress is the best option available right now.


The first thing you should know about WordPress is that it’s free. The open-source platform has numerous plugins, themes and tools available for free or at minimal cost. So if you’re looking to build a website without breaking your budget, check out WordPress! Once you register, be sure to download one of WordPress’s awesome starter themes so you can get started immediately. There are thousands of professionally designed WordPress themes available in its marketplace—plus even more premium options for sale—so finding an appropriate design is not difficult at all. Regardless of which theme you choose, WordPress will still be affordable when compared with similar platforms like Squarespace or Wix.


Use WordPress’s built-in search engine optimization. You don’t have to hire an SEO consultant because you can build your site using tools that are already integrated with WordPress, including search engine optimization. What does that mean? When it comes to SEO, WordPress has one of the largest communities in all of tech. This means you can learn from other people’s experiences and make tweaks to your website easily. These tools are designed to help you boost your rankings within SERPs (search engine results pages).


WordPress makes it incredibly easy to build a website, from setup to design. With thousands of themes available on its WordPress Theme Directory, you can customize your site without the necessary coding experience. And once you’ve built a site, WordPress makes it even easier to update it—no technical skills required! If you’re just getting started with building websites, WP is for you. There are many other tools available that promise similar functionality, but none has matched WordPress in its combination of ease and flexibility.


WordPress is one of many content management systems, but it’s also a thriving social network and blogging platform that makes it easy to build an attractive website for personal or business use. Of course, WordPress isn’t just used by individuals, either: CNN, National Geographic, The New York Times and even NASA all use WordPress to create websites. An enormous collection of themes and plugins means there are endless ways to customize your site or create your own design from scratch. And since WordPress can be installed on a host of different web hosts (and self-hosted), WordPress offers much more flexibility than other website builders, which tend to work best with a single hosting provider.


While it takes time to set up a website using WordPress, you can rest easy knowing that your site will be fast once it’s done. Because of its extensive support system and optimization options, you’ll be able to run an extremely fast and sleek website with WordPress. That way, when potential customers land on your site, they’ll immediately know that you take quality seriously.

Customer Support

With most website builders, you’re limited to email support. But WordPress offers 24/7 community support in its #wordpress Slack group; it also offers phone support (if you’re willing to pay for it). While some people may prefer live chat or in-person help, sometimes email and forums are more than enough. Moreover, having 24/7 support puts WordPress way ahead of its competitors in terms of customer service.

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