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WordPress 6.4 “Shirley”: Transforming Your Web Experience with Innovative Features!

Explore the transformative features of WordPress 6.4 "Shirley" – from the versatile Twenty Twenty-Four theme to enhanced writing tools and dynamic block capabilities. Uncover seamless content creation, innovative design tools, and over 100 performance updates. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to WordPress, this release promises a web experience like never before. Upgrade today and be part of the future of web development!
wordpress 6.4 release, features, installation and updates


On November 7, 2023, WordPress enthusiasts welcomed the arrival of WordPress 6.4, codenamed “Shirley.” For detailed information about this release, check out the official WordPress 6.4 announcement.

Technical Insights:

WordPress 6.4 brought notable improvements, with a database version of 56657 (db_version in wp_options) and a Trac revision of 57078. Dive into the full list of tickets on Trac to explore the technical enhancements.

Installation/Update Information:

To embrace the latest WordPress features, download version 6.4 or update automatically via the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area. For detailed instructions on installation and updates, refer to the WordPress Handbook.

What’s New in WordPress 6.4:

1. Meet Twenty Twenty-Four: A Theme for Every Vision

WordPress 6.4 introduces the sleek default theme, Twenty Twenty-Four, designed with three distinct use cases in mind: entrepreneurs, photographers/artists, and writers/bloggers. Boasting over 35 templates, this theme offers unmatched flexibility for a variety of websites. Experience it firsthand in the demo.

2. Seamless Content Creation: Writing Enhancements

This update ensures a smoother content creation journey with new keyboard shortcuts in List View, smarter list merging, and enhanced control over link settings. A cohesive toolbar experience for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks enhances your overall efficiency.

3. Command Palette Evolution: Working at Your Fingertips

Building on the foundation laid in WordPress 6.3, the Command Palette receives a refreshed design and introduces new commands for block-specific actions in version 6.4.

4. Organize with Patterns: Categorize and Filter

Leverage the power of patterns with custom categories for better organization. Advanced filtering in the Patterns section of the inserter simplifies the process of finding and implementing patterns.

5. Enhanced Design Tools: More Creativity at Your Fingertips

Build beautiful layouts with expanded design tools, including background images in Group blocks for unique designs and the convenient addition of buttons to Navigation blocks without coding.

6. Image Perfection: Full-Screen Lightbox Feature

Enable the lightbox functionality globally or for specific images, allowing visitors to enjoy full-screen, interactive images with a simple click.

7. Optimized Content Management: Group Block Renaming and Previews

Efficiently manage your content with custom names for Group blocks visible in List View. New previews for Gallery and Image blocks in List View provide a visual overview of your content.

8. Cross-Site Pattern Sharing: Import and Export Patterns

Need to use custom patterns on another site? WordPress 6.4 allows you to seamlessly import and export them as JSON files from the Site Editor’s patterns view.

9. Empowering Developers: Block Hooks Unleashed

Developers, rejoice! Block Hooks empowers you to auto-insert dynamic blocks at specific content locations, enhancing block theme extensibility through plugins.

10. Performance Wins: Faster, More Efficient Experience

This release boasts over 100 performance-related updates, focusing on template loading, script loading strategies, and optimization of autoloaded options, resulting in a faster and more efficient WordPress experience.

11. Accessibility Highlights: Inclusive Web Experience

WordPress 6.4 reaffirms its commitment to accessibility with List View improvements, aria-label support for the Navigation block, enhanced admin user interface, and improved Site Health spoken messages. Learn more about these accessibility enhancements in this post.


Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress user or just starting, WordPress 6.4 has something for everyone. Upgrade today and witness the future of web development unfold before your eyes!



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